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This form enables you to advise us of any additional information we require and confirm that the draft Will(s) we have sent you are okay or, if not, the amendments required. To let us know this ...

  1. Please check your Will in accordance with the instructions provided. Then ...
  2. Complete this form as appropriate. Boxes A, B, C and E are compulsory. Box D should be completed with the requested information if, and only if, we have requested further information from you in our covering e-mail.  Box F should be completed with details of amendments required, if any.
  3. Do not worry if you do not know the phraseology required for the amendment.  If we are unsure as to what it is  that needs amending and how then we will contact you to clarify the position.  Then ...
  4. Click the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page and the information will be sent to us automatically (assuming you are connected to the Internet at that time).

Will Amendment and Additional Information Form

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