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Convenient Wills     The home visit will writing service

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Do you:

 have a Will that could be out of date; or

 need a small amendment to an existing Will.

If so, we may be able to help you.

Sundry Related Services

Codicil Service

A  Codicil allows you to make an amendment to an existing Will without rewriting the Will in its entirety.  We normally recommend the Will be rewritten but in certain circumstances a codicil is more appropriate.

We will usually only prepare a codicil for a will that we originally drafted.  This is because experience shows that when you alter one clause you will then also have to alter the administrative clauses too. In many cases it is more economical to purchase a new Will using our Home-Visit will-Writing service or are Wills by Phone service.

Home Visit Will Writing Service

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Single Will £95Mirror Wills £140