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Free Educational Talks

Around 60% of the adult UK population do not have a Will - according to the results of recent research; but they should have one.

There are two main reasons why people have not made a Will:

Our educational talks help address these issues by making people aware of the true power of a professionally draft Will, and the unwanted consequences of not making a will.

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The features of this service. Our talks:

Our free guide explains more about our talks.  To download your free copy click on the button below:

If you feel these services could be of benefit to your employees, your teaching and support staff, or your club members then please register your initial interest [without obligation] by calling us now to fix a convenient time for us to visit you, or click on the button below and we will call you.

We also offer lunchtime or after-school / work surgeries.  Details are listed to the right.

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Free.  Educational.  Informative.

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Would your employees, managers, club or society members, or church congregation enjoy a talk that is:

If so, please call us to find out more.

Workplace Surgery

The workplace ‘estate planning surgery’ offers the following benefits:

The review will check 30+ aspects of the will to ensure that it is legal, up-to-date, and error free. The subsequent report will highlight any shortcomings, and any areas where the Will is likely to incur fees in the future.  

The applicant is under no obligation to use our services to correct any shortcomings identified.

Commonly people want to know about long-term care fee planning, trusts, and Probate problems.  But they can ask any question on any topic.

Discover the awesome power of a Will