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How can we help you?

Service Limitations

Our Wills by Phone Service is designed to be suitable for the vast majority of people. However it is not suitable for everybody.

When we call you we will explain the service’s limitations and check that the service is appropriate for you.

The Next Step

To register your interest (without obligation) in our Wills by Phone Service please complete the form below.

We will acknowledge your initial interest by e-mail as soon as practical after we receive it. Then we will call you at the requested time to briefly explain the service in more detail and to fix up an instruction-taking appointment time.

We look forward to speaking to you shortly.

The process

Our Wills by Phone Service is a structured process.  

We will send you full details of the ‘stages’ once an appointment has been booked to take your instructions.

You will need …

You will need … a phone, access to a computer, an e-mail address, Adobe Reader™ or similar application, a password, a pen, two witnesses, and a little bit of time.

This is because: