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Are you:

 looking to make your Will

 in the comfort of your own home

 at a time convenient to you

 with the help of a professional will-writer? And

 have a relatively simple estate distribution?

If so, our ‘Wills-by-Phone’ service is the service you need..

19 Reasons to Use Our Nationwide Wills-by-Phone Service to Make Your Will

Should you upgrade?

Our Wills by Phone Service is designed to be suitable for the vast majority of people. However it is not suitable for everybody.

On reflection you may prefer to use our Home-Visit Will-Writing Service which provides: –

Defence from challenge: the additional notes that we make and procedures we undertake when taking your instructions in our Home Visit Service can be used to defend your Will from accusations of fraud, undue influence, or lack of mental capacity. If you feel your Will is likely to be challenged on these grounds then you should consider using our Home Visit Service.

Attestation: We supervise the attestation (i.e. signing and witnessing) of your Will with our Home Visit Service.  With our Wills by Phone Service we provide full instructions on how to undertake this task.  The attestation of the Will is not particularly difficult but you may prefer to have this important process supervised.  

Face-To-Face:  With our ‘Wills by Phone’ service your instructions are taken over the phone whereas you may prefer a face-to-face discussion which occurs in our Home Visit Service.

Product limitation: In view of your instructions being taken over the phone the ‘Wills by Phone’ service does not cater for you if:

Complex trusts: The ‘Wills by Phone’ service does not allow you to include a complex trust in your Will. If a complex trust should be included in your Will then the ‘Wills by Phone’ service is inappropriate for you.

Please note: Even if you believe your circumstances comply with the above we may find that during the instruction taking phone call that this service is still inappropriate for you because of other circumstances.

Our ‘Wills-by-Phone’ service is designed to:


Our ‘Wills-by-Phone’ service has the following features and benefits:

Are You Ready To Make Your Will?

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